Company History

Moonlight Printing was founded in the summer of 1987.  The founder knew a  group of classmates that decided to jump in the food industry and they needed large quantities of flyers that looked great but had a reasonable cost.  So the company was founded and it serviced this niche market for several years with great business retention and growth.  The company moved several times in this period to larger and larger industrial sites.

In the Summer of 2000 Moonlight Printing acquired Insty Prints of Westland.  This was a small print shop with a great group of loyal business customers. 

In the Summer of 2004 Moonlight Printing acquired Prestige Printing of Belleville. This was a copy shop that needed direction.  Moonlight Printing rolled the operations of this shop into their's and serviced it's customers.   

Then over the years as other printing companies struggled through hard times Moonlight Printing acquired them or took them over and serviced their current customers.

In the spring of 2011 Moonlight Printing moved its total operation to a new location in Redford.  This location placed it on busy Telegraph Road.  Where it allows the customers easy in and out and plenty of parking.  This location also allowed the business to separate the production side of the business from the personal copy shop side.  The customers will not hear or smell the results of the production plant.

It seems like every company talks about the importance of customer service, but one of the lasting cornerstones of our business is the way our customers feel about doing business with us. Our dependability and reliability have become very renowned. When you work fast, hardly ever miss a deadline, have fair prices, and treat people with dignity and respect it's hard not to grow your business. That's what we do, and Moonlight Printing Inc. currently has over 1,000 active customers in SouthEast Michigan.

We invite you to consider using our printing firm the next time your company needs printing. There's a reason why we averaged almost 40 new business customers every month for the last 15 years, and we would love the opportunity to demonstrate that for you on your next printing order. You see, we do things very differently than the other printers in our community, and we believe we can provide the best all-around experience for you if you'll give us a try.

If you would like to talk to one of our customer service representatives, please call 313-532-3160. We would be happy to discuss how we can help your business succeed and prosper. Feel free to ask for Kelly, our Head Customer Service Representative, when you call, or you can email her at